The author, Naomi Jones is a retired Canine Behaviorist with 14 years experience behind these techniques. She was recommended by leading Veterinarians, Pet Stores and Groomers, and was a reputable member of two Southern California 
Chambers of Commerce.

Here's what her clients have said:

... After just 6 weeks of training, it is hard to believe our Basset Hound Baybe is the same dog. It's a joy being able to have unchewed baby toys, clean rugs and best of all - the neighbors haven't complained about her barking. We are very grateful...

              Bob & Joan R., Panorama City, CA

... As a result of Naomi's training and instruction, our Lab puppy Mel 
is obedient and manageable...

             Jennifer and Garth R., Sherman Oaks, CA

... Naomi's program appears top notch. I would highly recommend these techniques for any behavioral or obedience problems...

         David C., Stevenson Ranch, CA

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Excited and Submissive Urination
Jumping on People/Furniture and Windows
Excessive Barking
Garbage Rifling
Canine Travel
Raising Your Puppy to Adulthood 
Social Attraction
Developmental Stages
Theory and Simple Commands
Puppy Nipping
Attention Span
Nutritional Guide
Toys and Play Therapy
Are You Thinking of Acquiring a New Pooch? Do You Currently Have a New Puppy? Or, Do You Have an Adult Dog Who Never Learned Any Manners? Either Way, You Need To Know How to Raise a Problem-Free Pet!
  The Crazy Canine
 Is Your Dog Driving You Nuts?
Is your dog chewing, digging, barking excessively or has problems with potty training? Is he or she exasperating to your family because their bad habits seem out of your control? You imagined them being with your household for many years, but sadly, now you are ready to throw in the towel. What if I was to tell you that there is hope! Your sweet and loving furball CAN become a happy, well adjusted pup and be trusted in your home!
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Individual Problems and Concrete Solutions
A Background on the Canine and the Origins of the Dog-Owner Relationship
The Crazy Canine, Is Your Dog Driving You Nuts?©
I know how hard it is to find good information on puppy problems, as well as the more ingrained 
This Amazing Behavioral Problem Solving Manual Will Teach You, Step by Step How to Establish Proper Leadership Over Your Dog. You Will Learn How to Communicate With Dogs in Their Language, Utilizing a Holistic Approach; Understand Their Special Needs, and Develop the Kind of Relationship You 
Both Deserve!

You Need This Book, and Your Dog Will Thank You for it!
From now on you can care and feed your puppy or adult dog, and make sure they are healthy, 
Finally we have created an easy-to-follow manual, a new and exciting e-Book created just for 
Dear Fellow Dog Lover,
I myself, was stymied in interpreting my beloved Cocker Spaniel, Beaumont's often difficult and   
A Full Glossary of Terms 
behavioral problems, but I will show you an e-Book that has the information every dog owner
destructive behavior. I was worse with my dog than all of my clients, in my entire career! It was
 should know! 
doggie lovers like you!
well behaved and are a pleasure to be around!
with great irony that I became a behaviorist, as sadly, I had given up my very own pet. This past
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The Crazy Canine Is Your Dog Driving You Nuts?©
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  Cousin Alice's Press. 2004 - 2020 All Rights Reserved.
Not for aggression or biting. See Disclaimer.
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  Sale! $19.95
This new breakthrough book is the result of 14 years 
practicum, as well as research of world-renowned theorists.
  Sale! $19.95